Organizations today operate in a complex environment of risk, compliance requirements, and vulnerabilities that interweave through departments, functions, processes, technologies, roles, and relationships. Information security departments are scrambling to keep up with multiple initiatives that demand greater oversight of risk and compliance across the IT infrastructure, identities, processes, relationships, devices, and information.

TruOps is an integrated and predictive security, risk and compliance management platform to address the challenges arising from complex and siloed cyber risk & security functions.

TruOps is built to address the needs of small, medium and large enterprises at varying levels of maturity with their cyber risk programs.

Value TruOps offers:

  • Automates manual risk and compliance processes
  • Integrates with TVM ecosystem with Risk to provide a holistic view of an organization’s cyber risk posture
  • Reduced audit cycle and manual labor
  • Expedited executive decision making with actionable intelligence & interactive dashboards
  • Simplified Regulatory Supervision
  • Reduced Cost of Compliance
  • Visibility, Transparency and Business agilit

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