SPECTRA is a Big Data platform from Relevance Lab, is based on Open Source technology. It processes structured and unstructured data wherever necessary, cleans it, and integrates this data into one unique platform.

Analytical Solutions
SPECTRA integrates with various enterprise platforms such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platforms, and can build integrators to pull in data elements from any other custom-built platforms used by enterprises. It calls out data intelligently and presents it using an intuitive visualization layer so that business users can get actionable business insights across various supply chain parameters such as costs, inventory, demand, price, forecasting etc. SPECTRA also provides data science and Machine Learning (ML)-based hypothesis and analytics that can provide predictive insights. Its Google-like search capabilities – coupled with integration with an OCR engine – can pull in data across legacy unstructured and structured documents such as engineering drawings, hand-written documents, system-generated documents etc. that can help in forecasting inventory, manage resources, and improve supply chain operations.

Website:  https://www.relevancelab.com/spectra/

Contact: Prashant Kumar
Email : prashant.kumar@relevancelab.com