Enabling Blockchain for Enterprises

Blockchain has the potential to transform today’s businesses with a new economy model known as “Trust Based Economy” which brings agility to businesses, while disrupting the traditional business models where the intermediaries play a major role.

Do you have the following dilemma to adopt Blockchain for your business transformation? How do I take a lead in bringing all my stake holders under a private Blockchain consortium? How do I provision the Blockchain IT infrastructure across my consortium and test the POC? How do I abstract my business from technical complexities of Blockchain Smart Contracts and make it easier to realize the value from business angle, by providing a common look and feel? How can I overcome the inherent limitations in current Blockchain framework (like user and role-based access) and offset them with off-chain data? How can I improve the user experience on the users, with traditional database like search features which are difficult to achieve in Blockchain? How can I integrate Blockchain with my existing applications seamlessly to make best value out of it?

GAVS has an answer for you! GAVS has built a set of Accelerator tools which facilitate enterprises to create a consortium and on-board specific business process use cases on Blockchain platform, such enterprises can identify which of their business processes are best fit the attributes of Blockchain.

GAVS’ Blockchain Accelerator consists of four interconnected tools/frameworks that facilitate enterprises to on-board their best use cases on to Blockchain.

Website: https://www.gavstech.com/service/gavs-blockchain-services/

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Contact: Srinivasan Sundararajan, Technology Mentor
Phone: +91 8939910154

Download PDF:  Enabling Blockchain for Enterprises Brochure