Otomeyt is scalable and can sit on top of any existing recruitment software used by enterprises and thereby enabling a complete digitalisation of talent acquisition landscape. The brand intends to be the one-stop solution for TA Transformation/ automation through its range of products and services.

Oto_Code (AI based technical assessment platform)
Oto_code is an AI-driven new age technical assessment platform helping organisations make right hiring decisions by evaluating desired technical skills and looking beyond traditional input and output test cases through GCVS ( Global Code Verification System). GCVS is one of its kind ML-enabled evaluation which ranks a code on the basis of Code Quality, Scalability & Performance. The platform supports a complete paradigm of technical hiring and supports more 300 skills & technologies. The basic idea of Oto_code is to transform the way tech hiring is done using techniques like Deep learning & NLP and work on the GAP areas existing in the industry today.

Oto_Mojo ( AI bases Talent Acquisition BOT)
Another unique composition from Otomeyt; which intends to solve the legacy Data, Sourcing & scheduling needs of TA group at any Tech Organisation. The series of BOTS will consume the existing data at any organisation, stack ranks them as per the skills, source the profiles from a passive and active pool of databases and even works on scheduling the tests and interviews. Today, with more than 50 per cent of the candidates lost by enterprises due to the long and tedious hiring process, these BOTS comes with an assurance of reducing the TAT by at least 62%.

Oto_Catalyst ( Intelligent ATS/ VMS)
Catalyst is a pure-play ATS for any industry; the base of the product is time and effort it takes to manage requisitions from different BU’s, resumes from different vendors, invoices and feedback etc.

Contact: Kiran Kulkarni
Email: kiran.k@apar.com
Phone: +919980545460