Conversations are a very powerful mode of interface with users. Zephyr provides a head start for applications to implement Conversational User Interfaces. It provides a product blueprint for developing targeted business applications with conversational user interfaces that support a whole range of devices, cloud platforms and a wide range of users.


Zephyr provides components for a implementing conversational interfaces that support a whole range of devices and cloud platforms and includes ready to use Conversational Widgets and Automation Agents to implement various types of conversations across a wide range of users. Zephyr not only provides the components for building Conversational Interfaces. It provides a product blueprint including templates for conversational widgets, automation agents, automated testing framework and deployment automation scripts.

Personal Conversation Widgets


  • Smart Search: Natural language search across multiple data sources, both structured and unstructured
  • Contacts Assistant: Search and connect with employees across all locations using assisted search
  • Email Assistant: Notification of important emails, quick email responses using voice, unattended emails alerts
  • Calendar Assistant: Actionable notifications for calendar events, quick event creation, interactive meeting scheduler


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