Alizeh is a content personalization blueprint for organizations to build a recommendation system. Powered by machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), Alizeh bundles user-related data into categories and tags, tracks his/her content usage patterns and builds content maps for every user, delivers all this personalized content on a self-learning web user interface. Alizeh learns more about the user with every content interaction and trains itself and improves on personalized predictions and related recommendations over time.


How Alizeh works?
Consumers desire personalization at every level of their experience, along with proactive recommendations that help them save on time and effort. Alizeh makes every user experience unique by recommending content based on his/her interactions with the system. The platform provides a personalized web UI based on user profile, his/her content preferences, trending & popular content in his/her area of interest, look up information with cognitive search features, collaborate with others users, and perform day-to-day business tasks – all on a single user interface.


Platform Features

  • Recommendation Engine: Do you have to search through a flood of content and find your way to relevant info every day? Alizeh tracks user profile, context (e.g. location, date and time) and content (e.g. data entered) for all user actions. It then bundles content based on preferences and recommends related content to every user. It creates recommendations based on context and patterns of usage. Both, explicit and implicit recommendations that can be trained based on user feedback.
  • Knowledge access with cognitive search: Don’t know where to look and get to the information you need quickly? Alizeh builds a unified knowledge repository with structured and unstructured content, has automatic and manually tagged metadata and performs a full-text search with facets, fuzzy search and geo queries. Alizeh smart search feature does a data deep-dive, cutting across applications to fetch the related information you are looking for right onto your screen. It performs natural language queries, AI-based search to find the most relevant results.
  • Self-learning web user interface: Does navigating through scrolls, tabs and menu bars for routine work deplete productive time from your daily routine? Alizeh ML platform works hard to train itself on the user’s content consumption patterns and preferences. As it is both a content analyzer and profile learner, it can proactively predict what the user would like based on their own patterns and similarity with other users having a similar profile or content preferences.
  • Personalization and collaboration at every level: Would you work better if all your daily routine content is available as tags on your personalized dashboard? Alizeh orchestrates content preferences that are either mentioned explicitly or are implicit to user behaviour. Alizeh also has a ‘Recent Searches’ feature that tracks all search queries made by a user, wherein the search ranking and degree of relatedness are decided by the content that matches the most recent search queries made by the user.
  • Back end business applications integration: Find it difficult to remember username and passwords of different applications, CRM, apps, wouldn’t a single sign-in be great? Alizeh provides integration of conventional business applications such as Marketing, Sales, HR, Procurement, Finance, Recruitment, Training and Communications. It also supports API or data level integration with several standard enterprise applications. SSO, AD and LDAP integration with enterprise applications is also possible.


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